Near Southside Annual Progress Reports

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Near Southside Annual Progress Reports

Each February at the annual banquet FWSI distributes the annual Near Southside Progress Report, documenting the previous year’s accomplishments and a preview of the year ahead. In addition to those recent and upcoming activities, the report also provides an overview of all the Near Southside has to offer, from things to do for fun to an overview of the major hospitals and other businesses that make the district such an important employment center.  

At the center of each annual report is the district’s redevelopment plan showing proposed land uses, future public improvement projects, major development sites and more. That plan has served as the basis for updates to the district’s development standards, as FWSI and the City have worked collaboratively to align planning goals with the regulatory tools and incentives that will support them.

Finally, the report lists FWSI Board members, our general membership, FWSI committees, and staff. And on the back cover you’ll always find the most recent aerial photograph of the district. Check out the photos side by side to see an impressive visual record of changes over the years. 

Below are downloadable PDFs of our most recent annual reports. These are large PDF files (30 MB) that will take a while to download.

Near Southside Progress Reports (large PDFs)

2015 Near Southside Progress Report

2014 Near Southside Progress Report

2013 Near Southside Progress Report and Economic Data

2012 Near Southside Progress Report

2011 Near Southside Progress Report

2010 Near Southside Progress Report

2009 Near Southside Progress Report